TWIGS Auditions

Auditions for the 2021-22 school year will be held virtually, May 17-22nd.

*Please note, the below information is from August 2020 and does not reflect May 2021 auditions. Information and registration for TWIGS May 17-22 auditions will begin in late February/early March.

If you would like to receive our audition brochure and registration link as soon as they are available, please email your name and the email you would like the information sent to:


**Due to COVID-19, August 2020 auditions for the following departments will be submitted online:
Film and Visual Storytelling *Visual Storytelling Audition prep class for 8th graders only*
  • We regret to inform you that we must cancel 7/8th grade Adobe Suite for Filmmakers class this school year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  As the title of the class states, this course is designed around learning various software programs that need to be run from high capacity computers with in-person instruction.
Music: Instrumental and Vocal
Theatre: Acting and Stage Design & Production
Visual Arts
Instructions will be sent to registrants via email.
Dance Auditions are postponed.
Please see the statement below from Dance Department Head, Laura Halm, regarding Dance Auditions
“Unfortunately, due to the COVID 19 limitations, it is not possible to audition potential dance students in person at this time. Although a dancer is focused on their body in class, dance training is a collaborative endeavor. The dance studio needs to be a safe space for the young dancers to learn and grow.  It requires each individual student working together with the teacher and accompanist to create this safe space.  Part of the audition process for the dance department is seeing how the students interact, not only with the teachers, but with each other. The safety and well being of our TWIGs students is our highest priority and unfortunately, this cannot be demonstrated through an online platform.
We are hopeful that this is just a postponement of this year’s auditions.  We plan to revisit the idea of holding our in person auditions as the year progresses.
Thank you very much for your patience in this difficult time.”
Laura Halm, Dance Department Head

For complete audition informationTWIGS Audition Brochure 2020  Folleto de audición

Below is an overview the audition process by department.  Please also review our curriculum offerings.


Applicants will participate in a brief dance movement class as part of the audition. For the audition, wear a leotard, convertible tights, and ballet slippers. Spandex shorts/gym shorts and a close- fitting t-shirt may be worn. No skirts, leg warmers, costumes, or jeans. Feet may be bare. Loose-fitting clothing or jewelry should not be worn. Hair should be pulled away from the face and neck and securely pinned back. The audition process typically lasts about two hours.

Film & Visual Storytelling – Adobe Suite for Filmmakers

During the audition, students will create a collage and be asked to take a picture of a still life.  Materials will be supplied.  Students should be prepared to discuss the work created.

Film & Visual Storytelling – High School Audition Prep

Open to students entering the 8th grade.  Each applicant must write a story based on a photograph they will receive as part of their application online.  The applicant must bring the story to the audition.  At the audition, applicants should be prepared to create an additional story and discuss their work.

Music – Instrumental

Bring your instrument. We provide a piano and a harp for these auditions and a snare drum for percussion auditions. Bring sheet music and be prepared to play one or two selections and one or two scales on your instrument.

Music – Vocal

Be prepared to sing a song of your choosing.  Accompaniment will be provided.

Theatre – Acting

Each applicant must perform a memorized monologue (one character’s speech from a play) no more than two minutes in length or a poem approximately one-minute long.

Theatre – Stage Design & Production

Previous experience is not required. Each applicant should bring examples of his/her artwork (drawings, paintings, sculpture, collage, etc.). Applicants should be prepared to discuss their artwork. Any experience working on performances, (e.g., plays, concerts, dance shows) may be included in the discussion.

Visual Arts

Students entering grades 4 and 5 should come prepared to complete an art activity in a classroom environment. Materials will be provided.

Please note all 4th and 5th grade visual arts classes are one-year programs. Students entering grades 4, 5, and 6 must audition each year to participate.

Students entering grades 6-8 should choose 12 examples of their artwork they particularly like. This could include drawings, paintings, ceramics, prints, weavings, metal, woodworking, or anything else made by hand in school or at home. Applicants should be prepared to discuss their artwork. They will also complete a drawing exercise during the audition. Materials will be provided. The audition may last up to two hours.