Q: What is TWIGS?

A: TWIGS is a FREE, audition based, pre-professional afterschool arts program. Students in grades second through eighth grades attend one or more days Monday-Thursday and Saturday during the school year in the following departments: Dance, Music (Vocal OR Instrumental), Film & Visual Storytelling, Theatre (Acting OR Stage Design & Production), and Visual Arts.

Q: When/where does TWIGS take place?

A: TWIGS takes place at The Baltimore School for the Arts from September through March/May. Programmatic weeks vary according to each department’s schedule.

Q: If my child has participated in TWIGS for one or more years, will they automatically be accepted into the BSA as a high school student?

A: No. If a student has participated in the TWIGS program, it is still mandatory for every student to complete a separate audition process to be considered for admission as a high school student at the Baltimore School for the Arts. The expectation is that TWIGS students exhibit a level of mastery as a result of their participation in TWIGS, thus increasing the possibility of being accepted into the high school.

Q: Is it mandatory for a student to be a Baltimore City resident to be eligible for TWIGS?

A: Yes. All students must be Baltimore City residents to be eligible to audition for TWIGS.

Q: Once accepted, are there fees that must be paid?

A: As TWIGS is a FREE afterschool arts program, we ask families to pay a $50 registration fee per year. Additionally, students enrolled in Visual Arts, Music, and Stage Design & Production are asked to pay an additional fee of $35 for supplies. Families who are experiencing financial hardship and unable to pay registration and/or supplies fees may request a fee waiver by contacting twigs@bsfa.org.

Q: How do I sign my child up for TWIGS?

A: Visit our website. Registration for students to audition will open in March 2023. Auditions will take place in May 2023.

Q: Are auditions virtual or in person?

A: As of now, all auditions will be in person with the exception of Visual Art. Visual Art auditions require students to upload samples of their work.

Q: When will I find out if my child has been accepted into TWIGS?

A: It will take up to 4-6 weeks for decisions to be made. Afterwards parents/ guardians will be contacted via email.

Q: When will I know when my child’s class is?

A: After a student has been accepted into TWIGS, they will be placed in a class within their department. Once class placements are generated, parents/ guardians will be notified of their child’s schedule.

Q: Is there transportation provided to BSA?

A: We currently do not provide transportation to TWIGS/BSA. If a family needs support with transporting their child from school to TWIGS/ BSA they can contact twigs@bsfa.org. We assist connecting families whose students attend the same school with shared TWIGS class schedules for carpool options.