Launched Fall 2017, the Charles C. Baum Film and Visual Storytelling Department (lead donors, Patricia and Mark Joseph) is the newest department at the Baltimore School for the Arts. We understand that before you can make a film or a TV ad, you must be able to tell a really good story. You’ll develop your imagination while learning to think visually. You’ll also acquire production skills using technology that’s currently utilized in the field. And you’ll do it all while working as a team, developing the critical 21st-century skill of collaboration.

By the time you finish our program, you’ll be well-prepared for college or any entry-level position in Baltimore’s burgeoning film industry. The skills you will learn here will help you in a number of career paths: film, gaming, media, advertising, marketing, and journalism, to name just a few.

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Photographs of Baltimore School for the Arts film students in action

What You’ll Learn

Photographs of Baltimore School for the Arts film students in action


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Film Showcase

Enjoy an evening of original films created by our BSA...

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Unique Opportunities

Film is a collaborative art form, and we can provide unique opportunities thanks to partnerships with a number of players in the film and media industry, including Discovery Communications, Johns Hopkins University, Maryland Film Festival, MICA, and Parkway Theatre. These relationships bring a wide variety of accomplished individuals to campus and provide unique field trip opportunities, internship access, and the chance to work in a studio.

Our juniors, as part of their curriculum, also organize and promote the Baltimore High School Film Festival.

Baltimore High School Film Festival


Film Department Head

Beatriz Bufrahi

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