Photograph of Ramsey Naito

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    Ramsey Naito

    An Oscar and Golden Globe-nominated film professional, Ramsey Naito has worked on a number of animated films as a production manager, producer, and executive producer. Her credits include South Park, The Rugrats Movie, and The Boss Baby, among many others. 

    Name: Ramsey Ann Naito

    Discipline: Visual Arts

    Class Year: 1988

    Current Gig: President of Nickelodeon Animation

    Best Lesson Learned at BSA: Stay inspired. And when the inspiration is gone, move on.

    Most Awkward BSA Moment: I wasn’t a terrible student, but I was late to school everyday. One day Mr. Kent (the former Visual Arts Department Head) came to our small class of maybe 12 students, sat next to my easel as I was drawing a still life, and asked me … “How are we going to get you to school on time? You’ve been late to school 30 days in a row and this is ridiculous. It’s embarrassing, don’t you think?” I said, “Well yes it is, I’m very, very embarrassed.” So to make light of the situation, I gleefully suggested we create a contract that states from this day forward I will not be late or else! He took my pencil and wrote up the contract, had me sign it and thanked the class who had witnessed our conversation … this was pure agony. He taped it on his door and then the very next day I was late of course and waited for my room. You see, Mr. Kent had this power, he had this ability to look at you and make you cry, which is what happened. Later that afternoon, Mr. Kent calmly entered my studio class … his eyes were fixed on me like a tiger … and I started to cry. He then told me that he had included fine print in our contract that allowed one more day of lateness, handed me a tissue, and left. I was never late again.

    Funniest BSA memory: Watching hambone Ricky Davis sing Secret Lovers to Keesha Bond … and Keesha then jumping in as if … those were fun times.

    Proudest Moment: Passing my juried show senior year.

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