Stage Design & Production

We want to help you learn how to make big things happen.

The Stage Design and Production Program conjures up the magic that surrounds the performers for BSA’s numerous stage events. We prize dedication and hard work because they consistently produce good results. Here you’ll learn the theory as well as the current practice of producing the performing arts. But more importantly, you’ll learn time management, communication, and organizational skills, as well as how to be open to new ideas. By the time you graduate, you’ll be well-prepared for college or an entry-level position in the field. Our alumni have gone on to be film production designers in Los Angeles, stage managers on Broadway, start-up founders in Silicon Valley, and so much more.

What You’ll Learn




Masterclasses and Cultural Outings

In addition to being taught by working artists every day, you’ll enjoy numerous special opportunities all designed to help you become a person who gets things done.

You’ll learn from guest artists such as Kwame Shakur Opara, who helped us design a performance piece based on Ghanaian marketplaces. You’ll enjoy field trips to places such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Center Stage, and Everyman Theatre. Our department also has a long-standing relationship with the National Park Service to research and create short plays based on actual historical people. And every May, our graduating seniors join our Senior Acting Ensemble to present a co-production with Showdown Theatre Arts UK in London.

Production Manager

J. Franz

Julianne Franz

Our Staff

Through spending four years focusing on how you can create work, you are also learning really important skills that can be applied in multiple contexts: how to be an effective communicator, the intellectual prowess to grapple with an idea and figure out your point of view. You are building your confidence. Overall that builds into a sense of shaping you as a leader.

Bart St. Clair, Theatre Class of 1989, VP at a major investment bank