One of the few high school programs in the country performing a diverse selection of repertoire, the Dance Department offers rigorous, physically demanding coursework in both ballet and modern technique. Our students come to us from a full range of experiences from those with limited or no prior training, to those who have danced for years. We give all our students a strong technical foundation to pursue their professional goals. Many graduates have left our studios to secure spots in some of the best dance companies in the country and overseas. Graduates of our program have also gone on to successful careers as doctors, attorneys, and small-business owners.

You’ll learn how to combine strong technique with a sense of artistry. More importantly, you’ll learn about time management, resilience, personal responsibility, and dedication—skills that bring success both on and off stage.

What You’ll Learn


Photo by Eduardo Patino


Photo by Eduardo Patino


Photo by Eduardo Patino

Visiting Artists

We understand the best way to learn what’s really being practiced in the field today is to learn from a wide variety of working professionals. Every year, we invite multiple guest artists to the school to teach master classes, create original work, or set existing works. During the 2018-19 school year, we hosted Alicia Graf Mack, the director of the Dance Division at the Juilliard School; Kiyon Gaines, Pacific Northwest Ballet; Darrell Grand Moultrie, Princess Grace Choreography Fellowship Award recipient; Stephanie Martinez, freelance choreographer; Jimmie Manners ’05, hip hop dance icon; and Benjamin Holliday Wardell, the Cambrians; among others.

These master classes and repertoire experiences play a critical role in the education you receive, enabling you to learn from a wide variety of personalities and teaching styles, as well as increasing your exposure to the expansive range of dance techniques being performed in the field today.

Dance Department Head

Iris Andersen Grizzell ’96

Portrait of Iris Andersen Grizzell

Our Staff

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I’d rather be in the studio working on a piece, constantly learning new things and progressing.

Maddie Richard '20