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BSA pays tribute to Donald Hicken, Stephen Kent, Others

BSA honored two founding department heads and celebrated others retiring this year—Ruth Gladney, Debbie Rogers, Lauretta Young, and Luis Flores—at festivities on June 18 at Baltimore School for the Arts. In moving tributes from alumni, fellow faculty members, and students, the honorees were celebrated and thanked. It was an incredible afternoon that spoke to the unique place that is BSA and the lasting impact a great teacher can have on a student. Thank you to all for the the years of dedication and inspiration.

Baltimore School for the Arts is gratefully accepting contributions to the Endowed Fund for the Future in honor of our retirees. In order to ensure that we continue to give our students the resources necessary to build successful lives, and secure the legacies of BSA’s foundational faculty members, endowment dollars will be a crucial necessity. BSA’s Endowed Fund for the Future will generate dedicated and lasting funds that will always be available for arts programming both in the high school and for TWIGS. For more information or to make a gift, please contact Caroline Senatore at or 410-625-0403. Gifts can also be made online here.

Donald Hicken has been at the school from before day one when BSA was just an idea. Over the years, he has taught and influenced hundreds of students. Through him, they’ve learned the power of sustained effort and the responsibility of empathy. His students and this school are both an awesome legacy of his humane wisdom.

A special tribute to Donald Hicken and the London Exchange Program he founded was also be held at Germano’s Cabaret on Thursday, June 16.

Stephen Kent has been a part of BSA since the early days: “Every day brought the kind of surprises and rewards that came from working intimately with intelligent, passionate professionals, and enthusiastic, talented young people. We all knew we were creating something unique, exciting, and vital.”

Ruth Gladney has been at BSA for more than 30 years, mentoring innumerable students in English with warmth and care.

Debbie Rogers has always offering a guiding hand as kids use the resources in the school’s collection to explore both their arts and academic subjects.

Loretta Young has been a voice behind many beautiful voices, teaching for more than 20 years in the Music Department.

Luis Flores has been a longtime teacher in the Visual Arts Department.

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