Portrait of Todd Harvey BSFA Alumnus

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    Todd Harvey

    After graduating from MICA, Todd Harvey honed his obsession with all things art-ish by working at a small set-design firm and for the Smithsonian Institute as a graphic designer and multimedia specialist. Then, in 2000, he cofounded Mission Media … a scrappy little start-up “creative agency” that had the lofty goal of being a boutique Internet and marketing firm where clients came first. Mission Media is now now a Digital and Design firm with a fine-tuned collection of talented hooligans! They designed this website, after all.

    Name: Todd James Harvey

    Discipline: Visual Arts

    Class Year: 1994

    Current Gig: Founder/Creative Director – Mission

    Best Lesson Learned at BSA: Always peek behind the curtain.

    Most Awkward BSA Moment: Consistently being mistaken for a dance major. I’ve always just assumed it was because of the way I walked. Maybe. Maybe not.

    Funniest BSA memory: “Someone’s been urinating on the radiators.”

    Proudest Moment: Being accepted.

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