Portrait of Baltimore School for the Arts Li-Wen Kang

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Li-Wen Kang

After graduating from Harvard University with a degree in government, Li-Wen Kang entered the world of business. After working as the associate director of the Macquarie Bank and a vice president for Legg Mason, Kang joined Merrill Lynch as a financial advisor in 2011. Kang is also an active member of the Baltimore community, serving on the board of BSA and Shriver Hall Concert Series.

Name: Li-Wen Kang

Discipline: Music

Class Year: 1988

Current Gig: Senior Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch

Best Lesson Learned at BSA: Perserverance.

Most Awkward BSA Moment: Too many to count, since I didn’t fully understand everything happening until the end of sophomore year.

Funniest BSA Memory: Trying to argue my way out of taking Mr. Tabegna’s French class with Joe Antenson. Afterall, English IS my second language.

Proudest Moment: My wife and our boys.

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