Portrait of LeNaya Hezel

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    LeNaya Hezel

    LeNaya Hezel received her undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland, College Park, and her master’s degree from the George Washington University. In her current role as the director of the Veterans Office for Georgetown University, she helps veterans, active duty service members, spouses, and dependents meet their educational goals.

    Name: LeNaya Hezel

    Discipline: Music, vocal performance

    Class Year: 2002

    Current Gig: Georgetown University Veterans Office Director

    Best Lesson Learned at BSA: There are infinite ways to measure success. Instead of comparing successes against each other, BSA celebrates the diversity of successes to foster a community of shared talent and engagement.

    Funniest BSA Memory: In Mrs. Turner’s class, somehow we could turn a lesson plan of pre-calc to include an episode of Survivor.

    Most Awkward Moment at BSA: I cannot think of one single moment — as I’m sure there were many, but I recall looking back in year book photos and wondering, “who let me out the house wearing that odd arrangement of clothing.”

    Proudest Moment: Graduation. I honestly didn’t think I would get there due to many challenges I faced outside of the classroom that impacted my world inside of the classroom. While I had to overcome many of these challenges with my own determination and perseverance, I also had so many members of the BSA community supporting me every step of the way. It was proud moment for everyone who had a hand in getting me to walk across that stage with a diploma in hand.


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