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Leanna Herman Wenderoth, Ph.D.

Leanna Herman Wenderoth received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia and continued her education at University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), where she received her doctoral degree in 2005. She did her pre-doctoral internship and post-doctoral fellowship at the Kennedy Krieger Institute and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in child clinical and pediatric psychology. She has a special interest in pediatric psychology and applied behavior analysis. 

Name: Leanna Herman Wenderoth

Discipline: Dance

Class Year: 1989

Current Gig: Pediatric Psychologist; Faculty, Kennedy Krieger Institute, Johns Hopkins Medical School; Outpatient Coordinator, Pediatric Psychology Consultation Service at Kennedy Krieger Institute

Best Lesson Learned at BSA: One lesson? There are so many. I think the best lesson I learned was how to be flexible and resilient – not physically (as important as that was for dance) but psychologically. I found myself getting frustrated with what I couldn’t do far more often than I would have liked. But even when I didn’t reach a personal “goal,” I was able to pick myself back up (thanks to the excellent teachers and my fellow classmates) and move onto the next goal.

Most Awkward BSA Moment: Awkward is hard to remember – maybe because it’s safer to block those out from our high school memories! I stayed pretty low on the radar, and tried desperately to avoid awkward moments. I’m sure I have friends who can recall awkward memories about me (and I have no doubt there are some!), but I just can’t recall them.  Maybe that’s a testament to “acceptance” at BSA, and forgiveness for those awkward teen moments!

Funniest BSA memory: I don’t have one specific, but can say that ballet class with Sylvester Campbell often encompassed many, many funny memories! His penchant for teasing, using food–nonsensically–to describe how our feet/legs/actions were wrong, e.g., “that foot looks like a grilled cheese with one bite,” often made us laugh.

Proudest Moment: As a junior, Sylvester Campbell took me to NYC to perform The Flower Festival pas de deux with him at a theater in Brooklyn. Learning, and performing this Bournonville piece, was such an exciting opportunity, but being picked and offered to do so for an audience outside of the school and Baltimore proper was additionally thrilling.


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