Portrait of Kennard Hennson

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Kennard Henson

Kennard Henson entered our TWIGS program in late elementary, having never danced ballet before. Upon graduating from TWIGS in eighth grade, he was offered a full scholarship by the School of American Ballet. He’s now a dancer with the New York City Ballet. 

Name: Kennard Henson

Discipline: Dance

Class Year: Twigs Class of 2013

Current Gig: Dancer with the New York City Ballet

Best Lesson Learned at BSA: You have to be willing to learn just as much as your teacher is willing to teach you.

Most Awkward BSA Moment: Showing up to my ballet audition in oversized basketball shorts, a white t-shirt, and no ballet shoes while everyone else was in actual ballet attire, neat hair, socks, and a tucked-in shirt. Obviously I had no experience and was very intimidated by the others.

Funniest BSA memory: One time when I was performing the role of Fritz in The Nutcracker, I slipped and fell. I jumped up so fast and kept going. It wasn’t funny back then, but I laugh looking back at it now.

Proudest Moment: Officially graduating from the TWIGS program.

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