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    Chris Vazquez

    After graduating from Berklee College of Music, Chris Vazquez ’03 moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams of becoming a professional musician. Since then, Vazquez has played guitar for artists such as Air Supply, Lou Gramm (Foreigner), Terri Nunn (Berlin), Mickey Thomas (Starship), Anthony Evans, Leona Lewis, and Kenny Lattimore. He also co-created both Sound Life Music Academy, which provides in-home music lessons taught by working musicians, and the Los Angeles Session Group, which helps record labels and management companies connect with musicians and songwriters.

    Name: Chris Vazquez

    Discipline: Music (Guitar)

    Class Year: 2003

    Current Gig: Guitarist for Andre Cymone, owner of SoundLife Music Academy, and co-founder of Los Angeles Session Group

    Best Lesson: The best lesson I learned was the year directly after I graduated. Dr. Ford asked me to come back to perform at Expressions [BSA’s annual fundraiser] with fellow alumni. We did a few jazz standards. At that time I was a freshman at Berklee. The band was led by Dontae Winslow. Needless to say I was beyond nervous. Those nerves showed up in rehearsal, and I pretty much froze. Dontae brought me aside and said, “Either you play, or you don’t. There is nothing in between.” That line stuck with me. The lesson was that if you prepared, then it was all inside of you and just waiting to come out. That night I played my heart out and will never forget the lesson.

    Most Awkward Moment: One day I forgot that we had a jazz band performance and I did not bring the right clothes. Dr. Ford had made it perfectly clear that we were to be dressed in suits. I drove home to my Dad’s house, but the only clothes there were his. So I took a suit about four sizes to big and had to play the whole show in it. I’ve never shown up to a gig without the proper clothes since.

    Proudest Moment(s): There’s three. Holding my twin girls for the first time. Seeing my music school sell out the venue for our semi-annual student showcase. Performing “Juke Box Hero” with a full symphony orchestra behind Lou Gramm of Foreigner.


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