Portrait of Baltimore School for the Arts alumnus, Caitlin Brown

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    Caitlin Brown

    Caitlin Brown is an interior designer and social media director who has been helping brands shine since her graduation from the University of Cincinnati in 2012. In her current role as a social media director and staff writer for TheEveryGirl.com, she oversees the company’s Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, and writes about design, fashion, and travel. 

    Name: Caitlin Brown

    Discipline: Theatre

    Class Year: 2008

    Current Gig: Social media director at TheEverygirl.com

    Best Lesson Learned at BSA: Empathy. It’s served me everyday in my career and in my relationships.

    Funniest BSA Memory: Every single day with my theater ensemble was full of funny memories. I can barely separate them into specific instances because my time at BSA was the epitome of joy that spanned over four years. Before every performance, our theater ensemble would sing Ain’t No Mountain High Enough backstage, and I will always remember smiling so much that my face physically hurt before the curtain went up.

    Most awkward BSA moment: High school is kind of like one big awkward moment, right? I probably still have multiple awkward moments per day, but there was one day right after sophomore scene night, when a senior came up to me to give me a compliment on my performance. I got so incredibly nervous that I just didn’t say anything back. I was totally mute. He eventually just walked away and I could never bring myself to make eye contact again after that.

    Proudest Moment: Hands down, performing in London with my ensemble thanks to our international exchange program.

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