Photograph of Baltimore School for the Arts TWIGS student playing the clarinet

TWIGS Auditions

TWIGS auditions are held each spring for the upcoming school year. Auditions for 2018-19 will be held April 30-May 5, 2018.

While audition instructions can vary from year to year, there is usually a great deal of similarity. Below you will find the audition instructions for each discipline from the 2017-18 auditions. Please review our curriculum offerings first. Audition instructions for 2018-19 will be released February 2018.


Each applicant will participate in a brief dance movement class as part of the audition. For the audition, wear a leotard and footless tights or spandex shorts/ gym shorts with a close fitting t-shirt. No skirts, leg warmers, costumes, or jeans. Ballet slippers or socks are required. No pointe shoes. Loose-fitting clothing or jewelry should not be worn. Hair should be securely pinned back. The audition process typically lasts about two hours.

Music – Instrumental

Bring your instrument. We provide a piano and a harp for these auditions and a snare drum for percussion auditions. Bring sheet music and be prepared to play one or two selections and one or two scales on your instrument.

Music – Vocal

Be prepared to sing ”America” (My Country ’Tis of Thee). Accompaniment will be provided.


Each applicant must perform a memorized monologue (one character’s speech from a play) no more than two minutes in length or a poem approximately one-minute long.

Stage Design & Production

Previous experience is not required. Each applicant should bring examples of his/her artwork (drawings, paintings, sculpture, collage, etc.). Applicants should be prepared to discuss their artwork. Any experience working on performances, (e.g., plays, concerts, dance shows) may be included in the discussion.

Visual Arts

Applicants should choose 8-10 examples of their artwork they particularly like. This could include drawings, paintings, collages, ceramics, prints, weavings, metal, or woodworking projects or anything else made by hand in school or at home. Applicants should be prepared to discuss their artwork. They will also complete a drawing exercise during the audition. Materials for this drawing will be provided. The audition may last up to two hours.

Visual Storytelling

Each applicant must write a story based on a photograph they will receive as part of their application online. It is important that applicants bring the story to the audition. At the audition, applicants should be prepared to write an additional story, talk about their favorite film, book, graphic novel, fable, or fairy tale.