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Megan Adele Lopez

Megan Adele Lopez’s marketing career has spanned three countries. After graduating from the University of Southern California, Megan worked as a casting associate in Los Angeles for three years before transitioning into social media marketing. She co-founded socialkaty in Chicago and then moved to London to work in brand management, supporting clients such as Fox, Amazon Instant Video, entertainmentOne, CocaCola, Wal-Mart, and MasterCard. In her current role as global digital business director for The New York Times, she oversees all digital campaign activities supporting international sales for the advertising business.

Name: Meagan Adele Lopez

Discipline: Theatre

Class Year: 2000

Current Gig: Global Digital Business Director at The New York Times; based in Paris, France

Best Lesson Learned at BSA: Community is everything. They will support you; nurture you; love you when no one will and tell you when you are out of line. My theatre ensemble and I are still very close. We all get together every Christmas come rain/shine/pregnancies/out of town – you name it. I feel so blessed to have a family like them that have known me since I was a teenager, and who I have been through so much together. We still have the same jokes, remember the weird moments at BSA, and laugh as if it all happened yesterday. But most importantly, we have grown together, and that’s incredible.

Second thing is to give whatever I do my all. You never know how long it will last, where it will get you, but integrity and hard work are everything.

Most Awkward BSA Moment: Jessica Asch, Jo Ann Martin, and I all got picked for one song to sing as solos and as a trio for Musical Theatre Night. We couldn’t hit the notes, and as we were trying to sing about getting pregnant, “having it all” as women—we weren’t selling it either. So, we got cut. We still laugh about the entire thing every Christmas.

Funniest BSA Memory: I just have so many memories of sitting in front of the class, doing my best to be as serious as possible—whether it be learning how to sigh, acting out water (yes, WATER) in Wind in the Willows, or becoming some kind of animal—and not being able to contain my giggles. One time, I conducted an entire scene facing away from the class because I was laughing so hard the entire time. I turned around, and the ensemble’s face was streaming with tears they were laughing so hard as well.

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