For the Love of

For decades, Expressions has been one of Baltimore’s favorite annual events. Both a critical fundraiser for the school and an opportunity for the community to gather, Expressions is centered around an inspiring student performance.

We’re dedicating Expressions 2019 to Sally Michel, a treasure of the Baltimore community and an early leader within the BSA family who passed away in August 2018. Sally created the concept and the format for our very first Expressions, and then went on to chair the gala for 15 more years. She was a tireless and selfless advocate for the children and young artists of Baltimore, as well as the city.

Expressions 2019 will kick off on Saturday, March 2, with the Gala Opening and on Sunday, March 3, with Family Performances. Tuesday, March 5, will be the Stage One|FANS performance.

2019 Expressions Sponsorships Available!

Expressions is the centerpiece of the BSA’s fundraising efforts each year and the sponsors make all the difference! Sponsorships fund everything from the school’s performances and exhibitions to computers, textbooks and tutoring for the school’s at-risk students; from scholarships for summer study and college to the very basics: paint brushes, pointe shoes, and play scripts that our city kids could not otherwise afford. If you’re interested in sponsoring Expressions 2019, please contact Carter Polakoff, 410.625.0403.