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Gotta Dance!

November 8, 2019 at

Bounce to the Beat. Roll Your Shoulders and Swing Your Hips. Do the Two-Step or the Side Clap. Gotta Dance is BACK!

Get ready to learn a few new steps in class and later strut your stuff on the ballroom stage before your fellow party-goers. No partners or dance talent required for this adults-only evening. Two left feet encouraged and welcome.

Lite fare and cocktails will be served.

Class options include:

Jazz with Carly Faye
Carly Faye has returned to Baltimore after dancing in NYC for 9 1/2 years. Her choreography has received regional and national recognition. Currently, her jazz class at Movement Lab has folks living their best lives- join in on the fun!

Line Dancing with Natalie Sherman
Heel, toe, do-si-do!  BSA Board Chair Emerita Natalie Sherman will lead us all in a few lessons guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. A crowd favorite- this will be Natalie’s 5th time going out with her boots on!

Hip hop/Funk with Q
A BSA alumnus, Q creates choreography that connects the dots between the music, the movement, and the message. His credits include various projects for MTV, VH1, Oprah Winfrey, & Billboard magazine, among others. Don’t hold back- just bust a move!

Salsa with Adelicia Villagaray
Co-founder at Movez Dance Fitness, Adelicia Villagaray brings high energy and lots of fun to the studio. Her classes are a go-to for those around town. Channel your inner Shakira, and your hips won’t lie!

This event has passed. Tickets are no longer available.


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