Visual Arts Audition Instructions

The Visual Arts program concentrates on fine arts, so if you want to learn to draw, paint, and sculpt, then our program may be right for you. Unfortunately we do not teach cartooning, animation, fashion, jewelry, illustration, or airbrush. Students currently in the 9thgrade must be able to place into the 2nd year art program in order to be considered.


1. Bring as much old and current work as possible.

You should collect artwork you have done at home, in school, or in private classes and bring it with you to the audition. We want to see all the things done in the past and work you are doing now. Do not eliminate work that is old or that you think is weak. Also, do not eliminate work done in materials or techniques we do not teach. The more you bring, the better idea we will have about your abilities and potential. During the review of your art work, you will be able to tell us what work is old or new, and what you think is weak or strong. You will take this artwork home with you after the audition.

2. Bring three special drawings that you did at home.

You must make three drawings at home from observation for your audition. “From observation” means that you are looking at something real while you are drawing it. Do not draw a photograph. The drawings should be on paper no larger than 18″ x 24″. Do not mount, mat, or frame these drawings.  You must bring the drawings with you to the audition and we will keep these three drawings. These 3 drawings will not be returned to you under any circumstances. The three special drawings are:

  • A drawing, from observation, of a shoe or boot (no athletic shoes please)
  • A drawing, from observation, of a room, or part of a room in your house
  • A drawing, from observation, of your hand holding something

3. Bring a written statement.

Answer the following question in 150 words or less on a single sheet of paper. This must be in your own words preferably typed.


What you will do at the audition

When you arrive at The Baltimore School for the Arts, you will be registered. We will want information about you: your name, address, and zip code. We will need a current phone number so we may contact you. If you do not know all this information, please bring it in writing. The audition process consists of two parts:

1. A drawing

You will be asked to make a drawing of objects set up on a table in the middle of the room. This will help us see how well you can draw from observation.  We will provide all materials and we will keep this drawing.

2. A review of your art and statement

You will sit with two or three faculty members and talk about the things you brought to the audition.

  • Your old and current work
  • Your three special drawings done at home
  • Your written statement

You may be asked questions to help the panel know you better and you may be asked to explain when or how the work was made.  You will also have a chance to ask questions.