Photo by Meg Goldman

Dance Audition Instructions

How must I prepare for the Dance audition?

Applicants must prepare and rehearse a solo dance (a dance for one) in any style, between 1-1/2 and 2 minutes in  length. The importance of rehearsing your solo cannot be overstated. A CD or music file downloaded on an MP3, IPOD  or phone must be used. There is no internet available in the studios, so music on the internet will not be accessible.  Music on a DVD is not accepted. If using a CD, be sure it will play on all CD players. To be safe, make sure you have a  second (back up) recording of your music, either on a CD or as a downloaded file.

What will I do during the Dance audition?

  • Dance Audition Registration: When called, applicants will register and each student will change into his or her audition class attire and be given an identifying audition number.
  • A Brief Dance Movement Class:  Applicants will be directed by a School for the Arts’ instructor in a brief dance movement class. Previous dance training is not necessary to follow the instructor’s directions.
  • Student Solo: After the class, each student will perform a solo dance between 1-1/2 and 2 minutes long in any  style they feel will present them at their best. The music for the solo dance must be instrumental music only, no vocals or lyrics. The music must be provided by the applicant. Movie themes provide a good source of  instrumental music.
  • The whole audition process may take up to three hours.

What must I wear for the Dance audition?

For Girls:  leotard and dance tights or leggings

For Boys: leotard or tight-fitting tee shirt and opaque dance tights or leggings


Tight fitting mid-thigh shorts (spandex or lycra) and a close fitting tee shirt are accepted for both boys and girls.

Ballet slippers or socks should be worn. No pointe shoes are needed for class. Loose-fitting clothing such as sweatpants should not be worn. Legs must be clearly visible. Long hair should be securely pinned back off the face and neck. No jewelry is to be worn.

What factors are considered by the Dance judges?

The Dance judges will evaluate all students on the following during class and the solo presentation:

  • Physicality/movement: coordination, strength, and flexibility
  • Musicality and presentation: potential for artistic achievement
  • Potential for trainable growth: ability to following directions and demonstrations during the class
  • Serious commitment to dance training
  • Physical structure capable to handle the stress of rigorous athletic training

Should the judges decide that it is not necessary to see the entire solo, they will stop the applicant.  This means they have observed enough to make a judgement and is not an indication of acceptance or non-acceptance.  If the judges feel they need to see the applicant in a different context, they may be asked to return for further evaluation at a “call back” audition.

Call-Back auditions take place on another day, soon after the initial audition, and consist of both a ballet and modern class.  Some students may be asked to come for the entire day.  If a student is asked to come for the entire day, they should bring something healthy to eat in between the auditions.

What happens if you are late for the audition?

Latecomers will not be admitted for the dance audition.