Image of Baltimore School for the Arts students walking down the steps

College Timeline

Applying to colleges can seem overwhelming, but if you take a deep breath and take it step by step, it’s not so bad.


SPRING: We recommend you take the SAT and ACT during the spring of your junior year (as well as the fall of senior year).

SUMMER MONTHS: You and your parents should research, research, research colleges and conservatories. If possible, visit college campuses for tours and interviews over the summer. You should have completed the majority of your college research by the end of the summer.

Senior Year

FALL: We sponsor a college fair every fall, and we also receive plenty of visits from college admissions officers, many of which are after school. The dates for these visits are updated frequently and will be announced in homeroom.

Early Decision and Early Action applications are usually due in November. Most Regular Decision applications are due from November to February. It is your best interest to apply as early as possible to every school on your list.