Academics - Overview

Our academic program, which is described in greater detail in the pages of this website, is both comprehensive and rigorous. Our college-preparatory course schedule is designed to meet the challenges our students face with our demanding double major in arts and academics. The curriculum is built on the core values of a liberal arts education: inquisitiveness, creativity, and thoughtfulness. These principles find expression in the sequence of core academic subjects of English, History, Science, Mathematics, Spanish, Health, and a number of advanced electives within these fields.

Students gain admission to the Baltimore School for the Arts solely on the basis of their art auditions. As a result, students come to BSA with a wide array of academic backgrounds and skill sets. This creates a diverse and unique learning environment.

While many of our students graduate from BSA with plans to attend art institutes or conservatories, our academic program prepares all students for course work at leading colleges and universities. All students are required to take a broad series of academic courses as well as advanced electives that push students to excel. Within specific disciplines, we have honors sections for those students who are already working at an advanced level. BSA offers extensive college counseling for all students.

In the classrooms and halls of the academic floors at BSA you will find motivated, excited, and curious students who, with their teachers, work together to develop a richer understanding of our world.

It is an experience that will prepare them for a life of inquiry and learning, and one that will extend far beyond their brief time at BSA.

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"I was an inner-city kid, and the school exposed me for the first time to a number of cultures. That helped to break down biases. From 8 to 4, it was our own little utopia."
Antonio Hart
Class of 1986, Grammy-nominated Jazz Saxophonist

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