Portrait of Susan Rome

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Susan Rome

An award-winning actress for stage and screen, Susan Rome’s credits include The Wire, A Dirty Shame, and NYPD Blue, as well as decades of roles in leading theaters in the Baltimore-DC metro area. 

Name: Susan Rome

Discipline: Acting

Class Year: 1982; the first class!

Current Gig: I make my living as an actor (stage, film/TV, commercials). Upcoming: The Last Night of Ballyhoo, The Great Society, Roz and Ray (theatre). Fishbowl and Heather Has Four Mommies (film)

Best Lesson Learned at BSA: Great acting is about taking positive risks and being truthful.

Most Awkward BSA Moment: The first time I ever “went up” on my lines was as The First Voice in Under Milkwood. It’s a LOT of lines and Donald had recommended we read them for the performance, but I was determined be off-book. My mind was a blank. I turned upstage (for what seemed an eternity, but was probably only five seconds) until I figured out what was next … “and in the little pink-eyed cottage next to the undertaker’s…”

Funniest BSA memory: There was a lot that was jaw-dropping those first years, but I was a pretty serious (read: pretentious) kid! Probably our Beaux Arts Ball (no prom those early years) … our theme was “Come As Your Fantasy”! I was a zombie Joan Crawford.

Proudest Moment: At BSA — being a “Founder”; In life — being Seamus’s mom.

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