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Develop your talents in dance.  Our staff of professional dancers will train you in the basics of ballet.  Classes will be held 1 - 3 times a week depending upon class level. Dance is a program for second through eighth graders

Improve on the instrument you now play.  We offer private lessons for string, woodwind, brass, percussion instruments or piano with a professional musician.  You must show experience on an instrument and be willing to practice. You will also receive musicianship and ensemble training.  This is a Saturday program.  Violin and piano lessons are for second through eighth graders.  Allother lessons are for fifth through eighth graders.

Learn to sing and care for your voice.  We will offer voice workshops on breath control, posture and sound production taught by a professional musician.  You must show interest in singing and be willing to practice at home.  Having a piano or keyboard at home is helpful but not required.  This is a Saturday program.  Vocal Music is a program for sixth through eighth graders.

Explore your imagination in acting classes.  Express your feelings in theatre games, poetry and scenes from plays.  Classes will be taught once a week by a professional actor.  Theatre is a program for fifth through eighth graders.

Learn how plays are produced by writing, designing, and creating puppet plays.  Our professional instructors will teach you about puppet artistry, including puppets, costumes, scenery, props, lighting, and sound.  Once a week you will work on creating a show in miniature.  Stage Production is a program for fifth through eighth graders.

If you like to draw, paint, or work with your hands, we offer lessons with professional artists to develop skills in drawing, painting and sculpture.  Classes will be held once a week for 4th-7th graders.  Eighth graders attend classes twice a week.  Visual Arts is a program for fourth through eighth graders.

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"I had never been in a place, let alone a high school, where everyone is like a big group of friends that support each other day by day as they expand their artistic and academic capabilities."
Robert Mantegna
Robert Mantegna, Theatre Production

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